Smoothskin Pure Home IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device Expert Report Released released a full report on the Smoothskin Pure home IPL hair removal device, featuring a comprehensive look at its main features, an accessible pros-and-cons list, and a final score based on its performance in three crucial tests., a website specializing in high-quality home beauty technology information, released a full report on the popular Smoothskin Pure home IPL hair removal device. The resource offers an in-depth look at its main features, the product being tested by independent testers on various body parts (legs, bikini line, tummy, underarms and face) and scored across multiple criteria to ensure high standards of objectivity.

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The latest announcement aims to provide useful information for those on the market for a quality home IPL hair removal device.

The report is designed as a comprehensive look at the device, including everything from quality pictures of the packaging to step-by-step instructions on how to use it and extensive pros-and-cons sections.

To guarantee that readers get unbiased information, the testers used the product over several months, scoring it against the highest test criteria for precision, safety, and ease of use. The testers also calculated the effort vs results balance both during the start-up treatment and the following maintenance sessions.

The product scored a perfect 5/5 in all categories, making it ideal for those interested in an affordable, easy-to-use IPL device for permanent hair removal.

Some of the most notable features of the product include a skin tone sensor adjusting the IPL to match the user’s skin tone, a gentle mode to minimize the sting, as well as a speed mode for prompt hair removal on large areas.

The device has one easy flash window suitable for all body areas, and the IPL bulb offers unlimited flashes for increased durability and reliability.

The website has also compared the device with its competitors, offering readers a balanced look at some other potential alternatives.

The website recommends the device as the most affordable premium IPL device for fast and easy hair removal sessions, being suitable for all light to dark skin, with the exception of black skin.

Laura Gladman, chief tester at WeAreBodyBeautiful said: “The Pure scores top marks in most of our testing criteria. It’s handsome, handy, lightweight yet robust, and perfect for all body areas large or small. It’s the one if you need something ultrafast to fit into your busy day.”

To help them make the right choice, readers will also find an overview of its potential downsides.

With the latest update, continues to expand its range of high-quality resources on the latest home beauty technologies.

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