Smog Check Testing & Repair Stations Open Sunday Listed in New Online Directory

A new online directory helps California consumers quickly find Smog Check Testing & Repair Stations open Sunday in their city or nearby. The directory will be statewide within a few months.

A new online consumer directory helps California vehicle owners locate hard to find Smog Check Stations open Sunday in or near their communities. The percentage of people working multiple jobs and/or six days a week has grown as a result of rising housing prices and increased cost of living in the state. These consumers are forced to procure essential services, such as getting their cars smog checked on Sundays, or to take off work during the week and lose pay. Below is a webpage for San Diego County stations open Sundays to be represented.

The State of California has 4651 Smog Stations according to the California Bureau of Automotive Repair. Research by the founder, Bill Livingston, of the new online directory has indicated only between 10% and 15% serve customers on Sundays. For instance, San Diego County has 299 stations, but only 31 are open on Sunday. Orange County has 286 stations but only 45 offer Sunday testing.

Directory representatives searched through dozens of websites and misleading headlines of comment directories to find test stations in individual cities that will actually be open on Sunday. Bill Livingston says, “It is inexcusable for popular comment sites to mislead consumers with their Half-Truth headlines indicating stations will be open when they are not. These consumers don’t have the time or skills required to shuffle through irrelevant web pages that don’t provide them with what they are searching for.” The directory makes it much easier to find the reliable information they need. Below is a page where Orange County CA stations can be represented if they are open on Sunday.

The consumer directory lists hours of operation for listed stations along with the address, telephone number, and map to the smog station location. The directory also lists stations nearby in the event there are no stations for a particular city. A large percentage of the stations open on Sunday also provide other repair and maintenance services consumers can take advantage of while at the testing station. Additional services such as oil change, tire rotation, checking fluid levels, and car washes are commonly provided as a convenience by many station owners.

The directory will quickly cover smog check stations statewide in the coming months. The first counties to be rolled out are San Diego and Orange Counties.

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