Smith and Company Painting Uses Rodda Ecologic® at Portland Barnes Office Campus

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Professional Painters of Smith and Company Painting has provided commercial painting at the medical office buildings at 11750-11790 SW Barnes Road. . The company specializes in interior, exterior, decorative finishes, industrial projects, and power washing.

Professional Painters of Smith and Company Painting recently completed the commercial painting of the medical office buildings on SW Barnes Road at the Barnes Professional Campus in Portland Oregon using Rodda Paint, an Ecologic Washable Flat finish to help protect against weathering or abrasion.

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A study on commercial painting conducted by Parker Smith has found that the best type of paint for interior walls is Ecological Washable Flat paint. Rodda Paint is known to provide the best protection against water damage and abrasion. It is a very durable paint that can withstand any commercial environment because the chemicals used to make it are highly resistant to moisture, acids, alkalis, organic solvents such as acetone and alcohols.

The study was conducted at 11750-11790 SW Barnes Road Portland, Oregon, where the Smith and Compainy Painting crew completed a wall surface using Rodda Paint.

The scope of the project was to fix the walls’ blemishes and paint the interior of common areas using Rodda Paint, Ecological Washable Flat. Ultimately, the owners were seeking a solution to make their interior space look sharp and add value with a long-term, durable solution.

The project was completed was 12 days with a painting crew of 3 workers assigned to specific areas while another crew finished the other regions. Each day they moved from one location to another so as not to waste any time and resources. Each worker specialized in specific tasks, such as grinding the walls and cleaning old paint.

The paint applied was Ecologic® Acrylic by Rodda Paint. It is different from other paints in that it is made from crayon to textile pigment. This allows for a pigment that will not separate or soften over time. Ecologic® is also made with a natural resin and acrylic acid that will make the paint resistant to oils, repairs, finger marking, fading, sunlight, and weather conditions. The pigment is semi-transparent, which means the colors will remain vivid and clear over time.

Rodda Paint is known to be safe for all equipment in a medical or dental office in the medical community. The paints have been made to be resilient against harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions containing hydrogen peroxide, formaldehyde, alcohol, and alkalis.

Since its introduction, Rodda Ecologic® has established itself as a superior product for countless commercial projects, including schools, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and healthcare facilities.

The development of Rodda Ecologic® was a collaboration with scientists from Columbia University who conducted extensive research on interior paints for both medical and dental offices. They found that the wrong kind of paint can emit potentially toxic gases that can be harmful to patients and the health care workers in a medical or dental facility.

The Ecologic® brand is designed to protect air quality, maintain image integrity and minimize liability risks for owners of commercial spaces frequently used by the public. The brand was specifically formulated to meet national regulations such as OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Subpart P (OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard) and EPA (40 CFR Part 745.225).

According To Parker Smith, “when looking for a paint that is durable, environmentally safe, and easy to clean, Acrylic is a perfect choice. Ecologic®” gives the best of both worlds: a high-quality eco-friendly paint option that’s also affordable”.

The rigid acrylic binder in “Ecologic” makes it ideal for interior flat painting projects like offices, schools, and homes. When appropriately applied over a smooth surface (drywall), this paint offers excellent adhesion and durability.

There are several reasons to choose Ecologic. One is that it’s safe for the environment, which is essential to consider when painting inside. It’s also easy to clean, meaning there is no worry about scrubbing dirt and dust off the surfaces after they’ve dried. And it also offers a nice balance of durability and affordability.

Parker Smith Commented, “If wondering why to choose a commercial painting contractor there several advantages. For one, professional painters have the experience of applying specialty paint to your specific type of space. They can also do any repairs or cleaning before applying the paint finish. It’s vital to hire experts with knowledge of a variety of specialty paint and coatings and the application processes”.

The goal of any commercial painting contractor is to give the business a fresh, new look that will make it appear more professional and well cared for. The types of paints used in commercial spaces are different than those in homes or apartments. They’re meant to be tough enough to withstand the wear and tear on them caused by constant use.

ABOUT Smith and Company Painting

Smith and Company Painting is a family-owned business that has been around since 1960. The company started in McMinnville, Oregon, 40 miles southwest of Portland, expanding into commercial painting and concrete floor coatings. Over the years, Smith Painting and Company have worked on every possible property type, condition, and many restoration situations. Anyone can paint a house, but not everyone can do it right.

Smith and Company Painting specialize in interior, exterior, decorative finishes, and industrial projects, as well as power washing.

If you are planning a commercial paint job for your business, please give Smith and Company Painting a call at 503-472-4334.

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