Smartphone Wipes Electronic Disinfectant Screen Cleaning Solutions Launched

AwesomeWipes, an electronic disinfectant wipes company, launched a new collection of cleaning wipes for smartphones, laptops, tablets and other gadgets. AwesomeWipes products are anti-bacterial and designed to minimize streaking. The eco-friendly package and the resealable bag offer increased durability and prevent drying.

AwesomeWipes, an electronic cleaning wipes manufacturer, launched a collection of screen cleaning wipes for smartphones, laptops and other electronic products.

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The use of electronic devices has spread enormously over the last decades, with children and the elderly using them now more than ever. Understandably, some have expressed health and hygiene concerns regarding their use, especially in cases where close contact to mouth, face or nose is necessary.

The surface of a smartphone, for instance, may accumulate large colonies of bacteria as a result of constant contact with the fingers. Especially with children, who may sometimes neglect their hand hygiene, this could potentially have negative health consequences.

People working in hospitals or in other places where germs are abundant are also concerned about the potential health risks posed by electronic devices. Bacteria can accumulate on all types of electronic devices, and they can later be transmitted to the human body through contact with the fingers and the face.

Bacteria and germs on smartphones and other electronic devices are responsible for a host of infections, including E. coli (causing vomiting and diarrhea) and Staphylococcus aureus. Staph aureus infections are particularly dangerous if they move from the skin to the interior of the body, where they could lead to bone, joint, heart or lung infections.

AwesomeWipes launched a new collection of electronic disinfectant wipes. The cleaning products are pre-moistened with an anti-bacterial solution which will effectively remove bacteria from smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices.

The AwesomeWipes smartphone wipes are designed to minimize streaking and other cleaning traces. They are individually wrapped in eco-friendly bags and wrappers, so the product does not lose moisture after using one wipe.

AwesomeWipes also offers a resealable travel bag designed to fit any drawer, laptop case or center console.

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