Smartiply Announces New & Best Early Childhood Math Program

?Smartiply, a program that teaches children mathematics, aims to make mathematics fun again using their new method of teaching. The program is proven to work on children who are naturally adept at mathematics as well as those who are having difficulty at it.

Smartiply, an educational program for children, announced a new program that makes learning mathematics for children fun again. The program is proven to work on children who are having difficulty memorizing multiplication facts, as well as those who are naturally adept at math. The program was developed by Erin Smilkstein, MA. Ed. over the course of sixteen years as an educational therapist.

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Erin Smilkstein, MA. Ed., developer of Smartiply, says “Let’s face it, multiplication is not easy. It never is. And as kids, when you find difficulties in Mathematics, you start to lose interest. We found out that this happens usually during multiplication, and the worst thing is, they don’t gain their interest back. In fact, those students who do not learn to multiply easily are less likely to reach higher level mathematics making it more difficult for them to get scholarships, and this is where they start to lose confidence in themselves.”

Smilkstein said that she envisions a future where kids don’t hate Mathematics and could calculate without any difficulty.

Erin Smilkstein developed these during her work as an educational therapist for over sixteen years. She had tried different methods and strategies but they proved to be too stressful for the students, and sometimes, utterly useless.

Smilkstein says, “So, I listened to what my students were memorizing, and it was simple tunes, not rules. We started singing. And we started eliminating finger counting and finger tricks that required lifting a pencil from the paper so that they could calculate facts nearly as quickly as someone who has memorized them. We have a mathematically solid way to build understanding of math facts, but do it in a way that makes learning them fast, easy and permanent. As I worked with more students, I discovered what worked and what didn’t and what methods kids retained, and which methods they didn’t bother using ever again.”

Matthew, one of Smilkstein’s students, tried Smartiply, the new math technique for children and it worked. Using the Smartiply program, Matthew, who has struggled in math, became more confident and good at multiplying, and his concentration improved, allowing him to move into the honors program in middle school. The program introduced mathematics in a fun way and Matthew picked it up quickly.

Because of the success with students like Matthew, Smilkstein is now dedicated towards unveiling her new method of learning mathematics for children so that parents and teachers can teach children math with ease.

Smartiply uses each source of the brain’s memory, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic faculties, and combines them into a powerhouse team that allows students to easily learn and retain multiplication facts.

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