Smarten Spaces in Gartner and IDC Spotlight as a 2021 Hybrid Workplace Innovator

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Smart spaces are becoming a normal part of the hybrid workplace. Smarten Spaces won accolades twice in 2021 providing the precise tools for managing them.

Gartner Research recently cited Smarten Spaces in its recent Emerging Technologies and Trends Report as an innovator in hybrid workplaces. IDC’s Mobile Enterprise Asset Management for 2021 singled out Smarten Spaces for similar reasons. As hybrid workplaces continue to flourish, Smarten Spaces has worked hard to create future-ready products and features that help managers handle this new reality.

The future of work is here, and Smarten Spaces is supporting businesses to take advantage of the many new opportunities as hybrid workplaces rapidly become a designing feature of companies globally. As new technologies bring the world closer together, businesses that adapt to hybrid formulas are poised to prosper.

As a global leader in digital workplace technology, Smarten Spaces led the way as a 2021 hybrid workspace innovator, providing businesses with AI-powered solutions to drive easy adoption of hybrid working for businesses across the world.

Leveraging their extensive industry knowledge and experience, Smarten Spaces recently released a new version of their Jumpree single-platform offering; a single stack AI technology solution to make hybrid working a company-wide success. It caters to all stakeholders—employees, managers, administrators, and management—and is packed with more than 80 out-of-the-box integrations.

IDC recognized Smarten Spaces as a key innovator on the strength of Jumpree 3.5, a powerful AI-based suite designed for managers to make hybrid working productive and collaborative while providing accessibility and transparency for employees.

This solution allows companies to set up the optimal hybrid framework for their individual needs, which can easily be maintained through features such as desk booking, safety data analysis, and a scheduler. Interoperability is key, allowing both managers and employees to interface with both physical and virtual office spaces created digitally by the platform. It’s designed for day-to-day use so managers can automate and simplify what could be a myriad of tedious, time-draining tasks.

IDC specifically cited the ease of use as a big factor in its decision to spotlight Smarten Spaces. Partnerships with tech giants such as Microsoft and NTT ensure that the software integrates with existing business tools. With over 35 microservices, Jumpree 3.5 offers a centralized platform, granting it the ability to cover every aspect of hybrid workplace organization in a single accessible place. That lets employees access the information they need quickly and easily, helping companies transition to a hybrid work model with minimal disruption.

Gartner’s analysis found Smarten Spaces to be an ideal facilitator of smart spaces—leveraging IoT and other technologies to exercise total control over a given physical space. Smarten Spaces’ solutions interact with other elements in the office environment (including legacy devices and older technologies) to create an efficient ecosystem of tools that grow and change with the business’s needs. It allows previously siloed systems, such as office environmental controls, to interact with other components in the company’s toolbox. Managers can then automate and streamline these features using other features of the platform.

The number of smart workspaces is on the rise and will likely more than double in the next few years—with automation and AI analytics helping to expedite the adoption of dynamic workplaces. Here, solutions like Smarten Spaces become vital to ensuring the ensuing smart space functions as intended. Without the proper tools, a smart space can take up a tremendous amount of time and energy to manage, which defeats one of the biggest advantages of a smart space right out of the gate.

When properly managed—and ably supported—by the digital tools Smarten Spaces specializes in, those advantages become a breeze. The hybrid workplace functions as it should, people are able to do their jobs more efficiently, and the increase in both productivity and work-life balance presents a team with a plethora of other benefits.

Hybrid workspaces and smart spaces are inseparable partners in the workplaces of the future. Businesses that stubbornly persist with the false notion that things will return to normal pre-pandemic times will rapidly fall behind and become part of the also-rans.

A functional hybrid workspace allows the company to attract talent from anywhere in the world—while letting them work from home on their terms or adopt a flexible schedule that splits time between home and a central office. That, in turn, will help businesses attract and retain top-level talent, as well as the agility to readily adjust to new challenges and future opportunities.

Smarten Spaces is committed to making this process easier, smarter, and faster. Not only does it streamline and automate schedules, safety protocols, and numerous other aspects of a hybrid workspace, but it provides flexibility, accessibility, and control to all members of a team. That allows them to readily access the information they need, adjust personal schedules, or make use of resources such as meeting rooms and company gyms—to offer just a few examples.

Space management and safety protocols become a snap, and AI algorithms help discover optimum solutions to all kinds of logistical snags. That frees up time and other vital resources for both management and workers to focus on other operational areas in order to sustain business growth.

Hybrid work models are transforming the way the world works—and are here to stay. The sooner company leaders embrace this reality and begin to empower employees by modeling flexibility, the more power a business has to move from chasing the horde to leading the pack.

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