SmartAdsBuilder 2016 Jai Sharma Software Released

Jai Sharma has just release the new SmartAdsBuilder software for 2016 giving website and business owners the ability to create online advertising that gives a high return on investment.

SmartAdsBuilder 2016 software has been launched by Jai Sharma to allow businesses to use a combination of successful ad templates and a highly targeted audience to increase their return on investment from online advertising. More information is available at Advertising online has become essential for businesses in the digital age with the majority of consumers now searching online before making any kind of large purchase.

The problem many businesses face is the enormous number of options available for online advertising and the sophistication required to both create successful ads and to target the best audience online for those ads. While successful online advertising can be a rapidly growing fast return profit center for many businesses it can also result in significant losses when not performed with an appropriate level of sophistication. The new SmartAdsBuilder software has been designed to make the process of online advertising a successful one for website and business owners by incorporating multiple components that are essential for successful online advertising. A feature of the new software is multiple ad templates that draw from recent successful online ads. These templates allow a business to choose from ads that have a good track record and adapt them to their own product and service eliminating one of the biggest hurdles to creating a successful ad and also eliminating the need for high priced direct response copywriters and graphic designers in the ad creation process. The new SmartAdsBuilder software also allows users to spy on keyword trends and specifically target the best audience for their ads increasing the chances of a high return on investment from each ad campaign created. The software turns what the complex task of advertising on platforms like Facebook into a task within the reach of a business owner with fairly simple online skills. More information on the new software is also available at

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