Smart Swab vs Q-Tip – Best way to clean ears

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ND Products have announced their Smart Swab and its best way to clean ears is taking on Q-Tip and other unsafe ear cleaners. Further information can be found at

ND Products have just announced its new endeavor, to take on Q-Tip with their own Smart Swab and its Best way to clean ears. This looks to be great news to all of those looking for a safe and easy way to ear cleaning and should prove fortunate to anyone looking for comfort and convenience with their day-to-day personal care.

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ND Products , an American healthcare product innovation company based in McLean, has decided it will make a real push to be known for its better way to maintain clean ears while protecting them. Smart Swab become the number one choice for many Moms/young/ adults, searching for a safer, more comfortable, convenient alternative to Q-tips which is the number one cause of earwax blockage as it pushes earwax deeper and can go too far into the ear canal.

ND Products stated: “We wanted to give our beloved audience the Best way to clean ears and we’re now making a bit of noise about the difference it with the original quality (not to be mistaken by counterfeit spiral ear cleaner) as we want to dispel the myth of ear cleaning by providing our US patented and easy to use spiral ear cleaner.”

ND Products has tried to separate itself from the competition since its inception, striving to provide easier and more sanitary method of ear cleaning. This new endeavor is just one of the many ways it plans to continue standing out.

ND Products is also very pleased to be the US inventor of the world’s first safe spiral ear cleaner; Smart Swab for healthier ears and clear hearing, and believes this is a key motivator for customers who have decided to go with them in the past, as opposed to Q-tip, Since 2016.

This announcement is a great opportunity for folks who want Safety, Comfort, Convenience, Hygiene to try out the new Best way to clean ears provided by ND Products – so the call goes out to new and existing customers, who can expect to enjoy the best buying experience possible.

ND Products also said: “While Chinese counterfeit trying to copy our American design, we are the only patent holder with the original quality Smart Swab kit. we are extremely confident we do it the best and so we expect Moms/young adults/health-conscious people, will continue to choose us over counterfeits to enjoy the original and high quality product. Smart Swab provides a safe and easy patented method for ear cleaning and maintaining clog-free ears which may help with ear comfort, better hearing, and communication.”

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