Smart Keyless Home Door Locks Digital Entry & Safe Easy Access Report Release

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Lock specialist, My Safe Living based in Connecticut has published a HAIFUAN Digital Lock report highlighting why this innovative home, shop and office safeguard is ideal for the safety conscious.

Avon, Connecticut-based My Safe Living, an innovative lock specialist, has released a report on the HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock, a keyless entry home protection lock with added security. Providing a dependable overview of the HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock, the report provides an unbiased and refreshingly honest account of this lock’s features, the pros, and cons of the device, and why home owners and offices should consider this lock.

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Recently released, the report notes that the HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock gives one of the best lines of defence against unwanted home entry. Featuring a variety of ways to unlock, this digital door lock allows for normal key insertion using discreet access, valid input via a keypad and the use of an M1 card and remote control.

With a capacity to recognize up to 100 key-codes and remotes and eight times more M1 cards, the report states that the HAIFUAN accommodates many users. Thus, it is ideal for gyms, offices, and other areas where heavy traffic and security are necessary.

The pros of the HAIFUAN, according to the report, include added security measures to reduce false passkey entry, dual user mode, temperature resistance, and voice navigation. Cons, on the other hand, are that the keys are difficult to copy, a user needs to learn how to set up the codes, and voice navigation is permanent with no on/off feature.

Overall, the HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock is versatile, durable, and well-priced. Home and office users alike will appreciate the added security, as will business owners. In fact, many buyers of this product say that it is a worthwhile purchase.

Rating 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon after 86 reviews, this lock received over 72% of positive feedback. As one Amazon customer said, “It’s a really nice lock, I’ll admit it. It looks modern, has a ton of features and ways to open the door. Has unique keys and a mechanical lock system that is much trickier to pick than standard locks. But on the downside, it’s tough to install. Quite a bit tougher than your typical door lock. You’ll need to modify your door for this lock to work with it. I had to borrow a drill to make holes for all these wires and things. I knew that going in but it’s something to note.”

To find out more about the HAIFUAN Digital Door Lock, click on the link above. Readers of the report can also visit the Amazon website link to find out more about the product as well as My Safe Living Facebook Page

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