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Online marketing review website,, has now published an in-depth review of Smart Funnelz, a new product to be released by Glynn Kosky on 9/16/18 at 9 EST.

Income Online Review chooses to review products that help those who want higher social media engagement, traffic, and sales conversions. “I’ve been anticipating the release of Smart Funnelz for a while,” head reviewer of Income Online Review, Will Weatherly said, “because I’ve been disappointed with many of the interactive quiz builders on the market – especially word press plug-ins that you simply cannot customize the way you’d like.”

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In the case of Smart Funnelz, the software allows online marketers to gain control over the funnel process. “This is great news because it will help marketers customize their own funnels in a way that’s suitable for their product or service. It fills a big need in the market. And that’s true for all types on online marketing — from eCommerce to affiliate marketing. Also, the Smart Funnelz team put a lot of “done for you” templates on the front end of the product, which is very unusual. Usually that’s an upgrade.”

According to Weatherly, however, Smart Funnelz, focuses less on the problem of driving targeted traffic to the funnels, which is a drawback because it’s so important for businesses to know how to drive targeted traffic to any funnel. “We know Income Online Review can offer the best bonus package based on this particular deficit,” Weatherly says. “I’m excited to see the results of Smart Funnelz when combined with our super bonus package. Marketers will be able to drive new levels of engagement with the Smart Funnelz software, while also getting laser targeting options with our free traffic bonus.”

Below, a brief excerpt from the Smart Funnelz Review:

“What impressed me about Smart Funnelz is this: It gives marketers control over where to send their visitors. After prospects move through a quiz, marketers will have complete control over where to direct them. You can have the visitor opt-in to your list either before or after they get their quiz results.”

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