Smart Cover boiler breakdown insurance policy fin case your boiler breaks down

A boiler is an important part of any home. Save money, time and effort with Smart Cover’s boiler breakdown insurance cover.Policies differ in terms of the amount covered.

The boiler in your home provides two basic necessities, warmth and hot water.

At Smart Cover, we focus on giving our customers attentive, efficient service in order to minimise stress and allow them to get on with life as soon as possible.

As winners of the 2019 Broker Innovation award, we pride ourselves on the quality, speed and satisfaction of the services that we offer to our customers.

Our boiler breakdown insurance covers repairs to do with the breakdown of your gas boiler and controls as well as the gas supply pipe which connects to your meter.

We do not cover general maintenance and service costs or pre-existing damages and faults, damages not caused by unforeseen circumstances, non-gas appliances, or the removal of sludge and hard water scale deposits.

Although boiler breakdowns are often covered in home emergency insurance policies, another option is to have a specific boiler breakdown policy.

The idea is that you pay a monthly fee that will help cover you in case your boiler breaks down.

Policies differ in terms of the amount covered and you’ll need to check that your boiler make is accepted.

It’s a useful extra to have, especially for boilers not covered by warranties, and could help save you considerable costs.

Plus, you’ve got the peace of mind knowing that, if a problem does occur, an engineer should come out to you quickly.

If your boiler suddenly stops working and you’re left without heating or hot water, it’s first worth checking to make sure there’s not a simple solution.

For example, has the power supply or thermostat accidentally been turned off?

Try turning the boiler on and off again to see if it starts.

If it doesn’t, and you can’t see an obvious solution, it’s time to call in an expert, in the form of a Gas Safe registered engineer.

While you’re waiting for an engineer to visit, and especially if you have young children or elderly people in the house and it’s cold, keep warm with extra layers of clothing and keep internal doors closed to retain heat in rooms.

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