Smart Cloud Automation: Avantra speak in-depth about Scaling & Saving

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Avantra recently reached out and spoke about the differences between scaling and saving, as well as the general importance of smart cloud automation software.

Avantra, one of SAP’s leading AIOps and automation platforms recently had a guest feature in Software Business Growth where a representative of the business, known by the name of Tyler Constable, discusses smart cloud automation and questions readers whether they are actually scaling and saving money?

In the post, Avantra’s leaders Brenton O’Callaghan and Tyler Constable explore organisations in great depth and analyse how they can drive more value from investing in hybrid cloud technology. One of the more notable things Tyler brings up in the article is that companies – whether they are large or small – have the option to reduce what they spend on their outgoings through say, for example, they don’t need some, or even all of their non-production systems running throughout the week. While they would still need to pay for the other measurements, over the course of a year or two the savings through the implementation of smart cloud automation could be rather significant.

Another tip for organisations considering making the switch to smart cloud automation, Tyler outlines scaling in and out by mentioning: “From a single server, scaling up would mean adding more resources to that server while scaling down would mean to remove resources from it. Public clouds can scale up and down automatically and when needed.”

He continued by saying: “Scale out, on the other hand, is not supported by public clouds and this is when you add additional application servers that already exist in the system or are pre-built. If you have 3 out of 4 application servers i n use and need an additional one, you can use the idle server with the help of a third-party solution. Whether it is Google, AWS, Azure, or Alibaba, it is the server itself that scales with the SAP specific application assist on top of that.”

To read more about scaling up and scaling out and find out more about the difference of the two, follow this link:

It’s worth noting that what Tyler mentioned about smart cloud automation is highly cost effective. It’s seemingly more appropriate to have a server that is switched off and awaiting to be powered on available in the system as opposed to having it perpetually switched on and just waiting to be used however with the introduction of public clouds, businesses are paying per resource or minute whereas with a server, the main costs incurred are through disk space instead of other resources.

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