Smarketly Craig Crawford 2017 Automated User Engagement Marketing Tool Launched

A new marketing tool has been launched by Craig Crawford, called Smarketly. It helps businesses to automate their services so they can focus their time and increase sales.

Craig Crawford has announced the launch of a new marketing tool called Smarketly, which helps businesses in any niche to improve their ad campaigns and increase sales. It is a behavior-driven marketing automation platform, with innovative, cost effective solutions for companies in any niche.

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The site explains that Smarketly has been designed form the ground up to be easy to use and highly impactful. Even site owners without marketing experience themselves can use to tool to create engaging and tailored campaigns.

Using Smarketly, companies can easily build advanced funnels, ranging from landing pages to emails, pop ups, rules, notifications and more. All of this is based on behavioral data, and allows users to put their most used marketing tools under one roof.

Through automating these services, site owners can cut down on the time they spend on marketing, and spend more time running their business. It helps business owners to take their company to the next level through increased time management and engaging marketing strategies.

The behavior based technology is what sets the tool apart from the competition. Using builders isn’t enough in today’s competitive marketing climate.

In order to run a fully fledged campaign, businesses need to connect with their audience in new ways. Through doing this, they can better manage their marketing efforts, and analyze their materials all from one location.

The marketing automation system that Smarketly provides allows business owners to focus on the core of their business, managing their campaigns with a range of tools.

These include directing visitor journeys through custom page builders, setting automation rules based on behavior data to ensure success, and Facebook automation tools.

In addition to this, embedded analytics can be harnessed for maximum effect, and users can choose from dozens of popular third party apps to fully integrate on their site.

This helps to engage with audiences in new ways, capture leads, and ultimately boost sales. Full details can be found on the URL above, with additional information available at:

Release ID: 265055