Small Succulent Planters & Watering Bulbs for Plants Garden Gift Set Launched

The two brightly colored 4 inch planters, 2 premium large watering bulbs, Jobes fertilizer spikes, and a bonus 84 inch Spring floral reusable table runner is an ideal garden gift set.

The popular Classic Ambiance online gift store specializing in home décor products and gift ideas , has launched a new set of mini festive garden pots , two large watering bulbs for plants, a package of Jobe’s fertilizer spikes, and 84 inch spring reusable table runner.

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Small scale gardening has benefits that simply are not achieved by huge plots of vegetable gardens. Growing plants in containers are great for beginners and allows the gardener to work comfortably while either sitting or standing. It also allows for portability and is a wonderful addition to any room’s interior design. Smaller container gardens are a great way to spend time together as a family or introduce the hobby to small children.

The garden gift set includes two four inch decorative garden pots, two large watering globes, a package of 30 Jobe’s household fertilizer spikes, and 84 inch floral design reusable table runner as a bonus.

The two premium deluxe 11 inch watering globes have an angled tip which is handy for medium and larger plants. The water bulbs are made with hard plastic which makes them easier to transport than glass. Glass water bulbs are easy to break at the tip; however the hard plastic water bulbs are unbreakable yet very effective. The water bulbs can be used indoors or outdoors, and used with hanging plants or smaller planters to water plants automatically for up to two weeks. As the soil becomes dry, it releases oxygen into the water globe which releases the amount of water a plant requires.

Small decorative plastic planters are a great way to experiment with different types of plants and to enjoy the magic of growing something from tiny seedlings to ripe produce. Classic Ambiance plastic pots are made of insert recyclable materials and are considered safe for growing a variety of plants, cactus, and succulents.

The Classic Ambiance team explains that “not all plants require drainage holes to survive. Small drainage holes can be useful but not necessary. If the pot doesn’t have drainage holes a drainage layer such as small pebbles or activated charcoal can be created at the bottom of the pot. This method helps the water to get out of the soil more quickly and away from the roots and prevents overwatering. The Jobe’s fertilizer spikes which are included will help keep the roots of the plants properly nourished and healthy.

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