Small Hometown Artist Breaks Into Hollywood With Organic Men’s Leather Bracelets

Kiss2Keep Jewelry announced the availability of their new Men's Leather Bracelet "Captain Jack Men's Leather Bracelet" to the general public beginning now. More information can be found at

“Wearing leather feels like a more organic, of-the-earth kind of look,” said Jason Moore, 43, a television commercial director. He bought his first bracelet, a rugged leather wrap with subtle touches of silver and turquoise, from a small hometown studio called Kiss2Keep where artist Karen, quietly designs and builds her custom “rockstar” bracelets for not only stars and executives but now the general public as well. “I’d never wear a heavy metal watchband — it’s just not my personality,” he said, adding, “I’d rather be a cowboy than Gordon Gekko.”

In the past, the general public could only buy cookie cutter men’s leather bracelets from the shelf of national retailers like PacSun. Now for the first time, anyone can have their own version of what has heretofore only been available to the stars and recording executives. Wearing designer one-of-a-kind men’s leather bracelets has always been out of the reach of the general public because of the exclusivity and the price.

The new rugged look of leather is no longer reserved just for Johnny Depp and swaggers on the stroll. Men who might have steered clear of jewelry are now trying it with random, daring bracelets — in a manner similar to how metropolitan men experimented with earrings 25 years ago: with a touch of intrigue. It creates a look and sends a message of quite confidence that is expressly downtown and also cowboy macho.

Customers looking for the latest Men’s Leather Bracelets worn by the stars will soon be able have their own styles like those worn by the stars. Today Marty Collins Host of “The Local Business Report” says that at the Kiss2Keep Jewelry Studio, Karen the artist, is now releasing and details of how the public can now get in on the Hollywood secret for jewelry like her men’s leather bracelet called “The Captain Jack”.

“Having the chance to gain access to the cool things that Hollywood does, is quite amazing” said Marty. “This is the real deal, not just a copy of a designer’s best work, but the actual items themselves. They can now wear the same bad a** designs as the elite and do it at a reasonable price.”

Many guys are wearing leather and silver bracelets as a way to differentiate themselves from the pack. A small subtle hint of rebellion hidden under their sleeve if needed. “Maybe trying a leather men’s cuff is a way for a lot of guys who may be nervous to try new styles, to have some fun with their image and still feel safe,” Mr. Collins said.

Other than rock stars, and sports figures, a lot of men still push back on anything that says, “jewelry”. So this organic leather and sterling cuff look approach matches the more rugged manly feel without shouting a cross over to the feminine side and without being the extreme biker, gunslinger outcast.

It’s a way to express the rebel without the spiked hair, tattooed eyelids route. Alan Eckstein, a designer at Timo Weiland, wears leather cords and cloth friendship bracelets on each wrist, a look he said is inspired by Julian Casablancas of the Strokes, who has performed with multiple concert wristbands. “It’s a bit rock ‘n’ roll,” he said, “and a bit summer camp.”

Mr. Collins from the Local Business Report, when asked about this artist’s work, said: “This is a Bad A** men’s leather bracelet collection – for the stout hearted, rugged man!”

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at

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