Small Fleet Maintenance Software For Truck Trailer DOT BIT Inspections Updated

Updated fleet management software from TATEMS allows easy and comprehensive logging, designed with Canadian and US inspectors in mind.

TATEMS, a truck and trailer equipment maintenance software company, has announced an update to their fleet maintenance software to allow users a faster, less confusing way to track their small fleet maintenance requirements. The software includes easy to use fuel logs, work orders, and service reminders.

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The updated software produced by TATEMS allows users to quickly import their equipment lists at no charge, in order to get them started as soon as possible. Their no obligation trial includes a quick start email and simple-to-follow video tutorials. For users needing further assistance remote support is also available at no extra charge.

The software is designed to replace pen and paper logging of maintenance requirements, to simplify fleet management. The TATEMS system was created with DOT and BIT inspectors in mind, as a way to provide them with clear and comprehensive maintenance records. This can help to avoid complications arising from illegible writing, messy spreadsheets, and missing data.

As well as aiding with inspections, TATEMS software allows fleet managers to track repairs, parts inventory, and labor or parts cost, without the use of multiple spreadsheets. The software can also provide reminders for maintenance, licenses, permits, and part reordering.

Everything in TATEMS is designed to be printable, to provide easy hard copies for fleet operators, government inspectors, or the office. Reminders can be set as print-outs or pop-ups, depending on how the client likes to keep their records.

The software is not cloud-based, so it can be accessed offline and installed across multiple PCs or servers. For clients who do wish to work remotely, the software can be accessed through remote desktop services, or installed on Windows cloud servers.

One satisfied client said, “Just had a mock DOT audit by our insurance company, done by an ex DOT officer who specializes in said audits. The inspector reviewed our maintenance records using TATEMS and was impressed with the program content and ease of access, and said he wished more clients used it. He told me that everything would be fine if this was the real deal. Thanks again for that peace of mind keep, up the good work.”

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