Small Businesses Turn To Talented Online Sellers To Help Boost Business

With more people choosing to "work from home", sites like ?Fiverr are providing a meeting place where small businesses can purchase high-quality services from just $5. For some, this has resulted in an astonishing return.

Munich, Germany – August 1st, 2014 /PressCable/

Ask any small business owner what they need most, and most likely you'll hear “help.” But in the modern economy, currently weighed down by a global recession, help is often unaffordable, leaving owners to take on the bulk of work.

However, with the introduction of Fiverr in 2010, small business owners have found a global market place that can offer small business owners help in all tasks — for as little as $5.

According to Forbes magazine, there is an increased backlash when it comes to the rigidity of full-time employment, meaning many of today's top talents are rejecting “real” jobs for the freedom of freelancing. Fiverr is one of many websites that have sprung up to provide an online marketplace to connect “sellers” (freelancers) with “buyers” (clients).

With more than three million “gigs” (Fiverr's terminology for the individual tasks and services provided by sellers) available, small business owners can outsource many online tasks to experienced sellers with a proven track record of success in various areas, including:

Graphics and design Online marketing Writing and translation Video and animation Music and audio Programming and tech

Fiverr's gigs are wide ranging, including offers such as “be your personal assistant or virtual assistant”, “get a well-designed business card”, “help with HTML, JavaScript, CSS and JQuery” and “a career consultant will create an eye-catching resume design”.

With such a range of talent available for hire for as little as $5, the “gig economy” of Fiverr has attracted many small businesses to the site, hoping to outsource various jobs without breaking the bank.

How $5 became over $1 million for GoVacuum

For some businesses, the results have been surprisingly stratospheric. One such business is GoVacuum, a company who used Fiverr sellers to boost business. The chain of events was kicked off by commissioning a rapper to create a song for their “golden vacuum” campaign.

The stunt proved successful, and GoVacuum was featured in international headlines and received televised coverage, drawing in sales of over $1 million dollars — all for the princely sum of just $5.

The story doesn't finish there, of course; once the rap went viral, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GoVacuum, Justin Havers decided to purchase more gigs to keep the momemtum going with different gigs from other sellers, including a press release and a website blurb, and even a digitally adjusted image of a golden vacuum.

In total, the Fiverr gigs used added up to just $100. As Havers noted, “I wouldn't have been able to do it without the Fiverrs.” A campaign that previously would have cost well into the hundreds of thousands had only cost $100 — a highly affordable figure with a big payoff that small business owners used to only be able to dream about is now a reality.

One simple example of Fiverr's usefulness for small businesses is a gig from successful Fiverr seller “blboss“, who offers a gig which offers backlinks and SEO services for $5 – a job that previously would have cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. The gig has proved popular with small business owners, and has already had over 23,000 buyers in just 3 years.

Fiverr has recently introduced apps, available on the Play (Android) store, making it even more accessible for business owners who might not have time to sit down at a computer — but still need to outsource tasks to reliable professionals.

Fiverr is just one company helping thousands globally to carry out the freelance dream, while giving small businesses inexpensive access to high-quality services. The revolution has only just begun — and there's no telling where it may end.

About Fiverr:

Founded in 2010 by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman, Fiverr is the world's largest marketplace for services, starting at $5. Currently on Fiverr, there are more than three million gigs from sellers around the world. People can find a diverse number of services offered from essential business tasks to fun and personalized gifts.

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