Small Business Email Marketing – Mailerlite/Mailchimp Comparison Report Released

New York, New York-based, a marketing consultancy that specializes in digital solutions for small businesses, has released a report that reviews two popular email marketing services - Mailerlite and Mailchimp.

One of the most effective ways for business owners to connect with target audiences is through email marketing. Scott Hall, founder of, has released a report that reviews Mailerlite and Mailchimp, two of today’s best-known email marketing services. Business owners can turn to this report for an in-depth, side-by-side analysis of each software package to find out which design best suits their needs.

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With so many email marketing services available today, business owners can have a difficult time sorting through options to find a fitting provider. Digital marketing specialist Scott Hall’s latest report lists the key features and differences that define Mailerlite and Mailchimp to help owners of small businesses choose the service that’s right for them.

Studies show that a strong email marketing strategy builds valuable customer relationships. It also maximizes ROI, yielding an average of $42 for every $1 spent. Two of today’s best services, Mailerlite and Mailchimp, can help business owners achieve theses results in a cost-effective manner. In his review, Hall evaluates each package based on user experience, third-party integration, automation options, analytics, price, and support, and weighs these performances against business purposes and overall goals.

Mailerlite is an intuitive tool designed for those looking to grow their email list with easy-to-use page-building functionality. This is a good choice for solopreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, independent contractors, and small businesses.

With AI and machine learning capabilities, Mailchimp is at the forefront of digital marketing technology. The software is designed to perform at an enterprise level and risks being too complicated and too pricey for individuals who want a user-friendly interface and effortless functionality.

Hall says, “Mailerlite and Mailchimp are both great options that can help get your customer’s attention, but they have different features. It is important to know your business needs before deciding on which email marketing service is right for you.”

With the release of his recent Mailerlite vs. Mailchimp report, Hall reveals the pros and cons associated with each software package, giving business owners the information they need when deciding which service is best for their company.

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