Small Business Email List Building – Digital Marketing Strategy Report Launched

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Vivo Mentor, an educational resource that helps entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, has launched a new report into e-mail list marketing, and proven strategies for engaging new subscribers.

Small businesses have many ways to communicate with potential customers in today’s digital world, but most of those methods are owned and controlled by other companies. The recently launched report explains how e-mail marketing is one of the few ways entrepreneurs can have complete control over their communications.

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With the release of the new report, the experts at Vivo Mentor provide proven strategies for list building, subscriber engagement, and social media integration. Readers will find techniques for motivating current subscribers to become repeat customers and reaching new markets through partnerships.

E-mail lists have been a primary strategy for both small and large businesses for many years, and the techniques used to craft engaging content have continued to develop. While e-mails let customers know about updates and new products, they have also been shown to improve customer loyalty and boost sales.

Over time, the subscribers to business e-mail lists become outdated, and it is important to continue refreshing and growing the lists to reach interested consumers. The new report includes actionable advice for growing lists using websites, blogs, and social media.

Facebook has become an increasingly popular tool for marketing, and the report explains how to use a business page to gather more e-mail addresses, and attract customers to landing pages where they can be encouraged to subscribe. It also explains how to use lead magnets, where customers exchange their e-mail addresses for access to complimentary content.

Entrepreneurs who are looking to create websites, landing pages, or lead generation pages can find a diverse set of tools from the world’s fastest-growing marketing automation and e-commerce CRM. The Vivo Mentor report explains how this platform can create an unlimited number of websites using a simple drag-and-drop interface that requires no previous experience.

The report also includes detailed information about using popular social media and video platforms to attract new clients, including Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Vivo Mentor is a complimentary online resource that provides expert strategies for marketing, sales, and small business management.

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