Small Business Credit Building Program launched by SmartOffice Corporation

A new business credit program is launched by SmartOffice Corporation. It outlines the steps small business owners can take to establish a strong business credit profile.

SmartOffice Corporation unveiled the Small Business Credit Program (SBCP) on their website this week.

“I would invite small businesses who are looking for new credit solutions to visit the SmartOffice Corporation website,” said Program Director Taylor Webb, in a release. “Ensuring access to business credit is one of our main priorities in helping small businesses thrive in the current economy.”

The SmartOffice website features a description of the business credit program.

How the program works

Businesses pay a yearly subscription fee for the program and place a minimum order from the office supply website. The minimum order for the NET30-1 program is $150.00. The $89.00 yearly subscription fee is credited toward this minimum order. Qualified business customers will receive a net billing account.

As of now, the program is only available to business owners in the United States, but Smart Office plans to expand the program into the U.K. later this year.

Details of the card

Through the Small Business Credit Program (SBCP), new businesses are able to build business credit quickly and efficiently.

Requirements are simple: Businesses fill out a 2 page application and conduct a verification call. After all information is submitted as requested and approval is granted, businesses will have a reported credit limit of $1,500.00!

For more information, click on the above URL.

About SmartOffice Corporation

SmartOffice Corporation is a destination for small and medium sized businesses to build business credit and buy quality office supplies, furniture, computer equipment and services. SmartOffice offers the products and services new and growing businesses, and consumers rely on. For more information about SmartOffice and to stay up to date on weekly deals, please visit us in store or online at Come shop with us! Good things are just around the corner. Through the SmartOffice Small Business Credit Program (SBCP), new businesses are able to build business credit quickly and efficiently.

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