Small Business Content Marketing Guide For Increased Profitability Launched

A company that provides marketing support to businesses across Australia has launched a content marketing calendar guide to help business owners and freelancers increase their profitability.

A company that provides marketing support to businesses across Australia has launched a new guide to help small business owners, including freelancers. The guide focuses on a marketing calendar to help business owners increase their profitability.

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The newly launched guide from Step Up Profits highlights the fact content marketing is an important tool as it can help businesses increase their online traffic or footfall, build trust, and improve its reputation.

Planning how to achieve strategic goals is crucial for long-term sustainable success. The guide states that in other industries such as publishing, editors know exactly what content they are going to publish and when.

This approach can help freelancers, local business owners, and contractors reach a wider audience therefore increasing their lead generation. For instance, individuals who utilise a marketing calendar can select a theme for the year or quarter based on their products or services.

Alternatively, they can align product or service offers with seasonal events such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or public holidays. Planning can make it easier to develop ideas, create engaging content, and produce creative marketing collateral.

Regular campaigns can build and maintain customer relationships by engaging them. In addition, it enables business owners to focus on creating a quality user experience. This could involve determining who will create the content or what channels will reach customers.

Step Up Profits has developed its calendar and roadmap to take the stress out of content marketing. Those who use the tool can quickly and efficiently plan their content and campaigns for the entire year, quarter, or month.

A company representative said: “Having a prescribed marketing calendar will make your marketing appear more regularly in front of the right audience, thus increasing the number of leads and ultimately customers or patients.”

“Your audience will be reminded that you are the expert in your field, and you will be front of mind when they need your product or service,” they added.

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