Small Business Alternative Funding Best Short Term Financing Services Launched

Lending Savers announced the launch of funding solutions that seek to help small businesses in the US and Canada get access to short-term loans and other lending products.

Lending Savers has announced the launch of alternative funding solutions for small businesses across the US and Canada. The company seeks to help businesses get convenient access to financing, especially in cases where they are turned down by traditional lenders.

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The new announcement from Lending Savers is aimed at offering multiple lending products to suit specific business needs apart from providing consulting and advisory services.

Small businesses often find it difficult to get access to funding for several reasons such as the absence of a credit history. This leaves these businesses with limited and inconvenient options to secure funding and hampers their growth.

Lending Savers’ business solutions include providing access to lines of credit, real estate loans, equipment loans and merchant capital advances. The company contacts multiple lending partners on behalf of customers and identifies the best rates and terms possible before presenting them to customers.

The Lending Savers website gives customers detailed information about the various financing options along with the associated advantages and disadvantages. For instance, it recommends short-term loans for businesses that have high and consistent sales while cautioning that the cost of borrowing can be higher.

The application process begins when the small business owner fills out a short application form. Lending Savers reverts in 24 hours with customized programs that fit the requirements of the small business. After choosing the desired program, the small business receives the funding within 48 hours. The entire process requires minimal paperwork.

Small businesses can typically apply for an amount that is between 75% and 125% of the businesses’ monthly revenue. The company caters to clients across sectors including construction, manufacturing, technology and textiles. Lending Savers assigns a dedicated funding manager to each client for initial consultation as well as follow-up queries. The company’s website also has a customer support window where queries can be posted.

With the new announcement, Lending Savers is seeking to remove obstacles such as poor personal credit and past bankruptcies that often make it difficult for small businesses to secure funding on favorable terms.

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