Small Batch Turkish Delight Manufacturer Brings Family Recipe to North America

Bayco Confectionary is North America’s only authentic Turkish Delight manufacturer, bringing to life a generations-old family recipe in small batches so that everyone can enjoy.

Bellingham, WA — When Jordan Bayazit settled in Vancouver, British Columbia, over 35 years ago, he was greatly disappointed that he was unable to find any of his favorite treat to enjoy with his morning coffee. Growing up eating Turkish Delight, he didn’t want to stop as an adult.

Using his degrees in engineering, Bayazit developed machinery prototypes and hatched a plan to create his own business creating and sharing what he loved most—Turkish Delight confections. Thus, was born.

As the years have passed, Bayazit and Bayco Confectionery have remained dedicated to creating the most authentic confection possible while growing his business and creating an enterprise as the only North American true Turkish Delight manufacturer.

Bayco now ships worldwide to share delicious flavors like pistachio, vanilla, rose, lemon, orange, and much more with people at all reaches of the globe. Keeping true to the recipe and quality, Bayco only creates batches as they are ordered to guarantee freshness.

Bayco offers the perfect gift or treat, containing no gluten, gelatin or animal products. They come in a variety of attractive packaging options such as variety packs, gift boxes, and even a special edition gift set that comes with a copy of the book Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, where the dessert gained popularity as the White Witch’s favorite treat.

This sweet treat was popular well before the Narnia stories, however. It was invented by Sultan Amid three centuries ago in the Ottoman Empire. He was conflicted with the struggles to maintain the happiness of all four of his wives, so he hired his confectioner to create a sweet an intoxicating goody that would keep the women satisfied. Eventually, the Silk Road helped to spread the love of Turkish Delight and it continued to expand.

Bayazit grew up enjoying this sweet from his homeland and sourced his company’s recipe from his good friend from home, a candy maker, to ensure that what his customers would taste was as similar to the real thing as possible. As compared to other inauthentic options that are rubbery or similar to hard candy, Bayco’s is soft and jelly-like, as Bayazit believes it should be.

With more options for candy than possible to count, it’s special to find one that has such a special and authentic story to it. To Bayazit and Bayco’s customers alike, however, more important than the story is the taste, and Bayco’s Turkish Delights never disappoint.

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