Small Account Traders Chat Room: Risk Management Strategies, Mentoring Announced

A leading trading education platform announces an expansion of its coaching and mentorship services for fledgling day traders.

The latest launch from 'My Investing Club' (MIC) provides new traders with a suite of innovative training tools and a proven system of learning to help beginners expedite their journey toward self-sufficiency in the stock market. The updates offer support for small account traders with an expanded program of technical analysis tutorials.

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The announcement reflects MIC's growing reputation as one of the web's most reliable resources for beginner and more experienced traders alike. Built upon its proprietary chatroom and mentorship program, MIC provides a space for trading enthusiasts from across the world to connect with one another and learn new strategies for success in all market cycles.

Trading with a small account - which is largely the case for those who are new to the intraday markets - requires strict adherence to risk management protocols. With a limited pool of capital, typically around $25,000 or less, there are constraints on the number of losses or mistakes that can be absorbed. MIC helps members define their trading limits to ensure that if trades go wrong, there will be sufficient funds to survive and earn back the shortfall.

MIC subscribers are taught a variety of approaches to limiting losses. These include the 1% Risk Rule, which limits the financial risk of a singular trade to no greater than 1% of an account's total value. This strategy is well-used by both large and small account traders, proving itself to be an effective and sustainable method of mitigating risk.

Other methods used by day traders include technical analysis. This approach is taught in depth by the MIC coaching team and involves tracking and analyzing a stock's price movement to predict its future performance. Subscribers are shown how to use software that facilitates automatic pattern recognition, broker integration, and backtesting.

The MIC mentorship program is available at a reduced price of $3,995 for the year, providing access seven days a week to a personal coach for one-to-one or group sessions. This is augmented by weekly webinars and daily trading blueprints.

A spokesperson says, “The reason 90% of traders fail is improper education. Trading is by no means a get-rich-quick endeavor, but with proper education and hard work, it is very possible to achieve a life of freedom and abundance. Our members prove that every day.”

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