Slow Brew Iced Coffee Maker – Glass Ice Drip For Rich Taste Product Launched

Online retailer Luv Muggs has launched its updated 12oz slow brew iced coffee maker for purchase. Expertly designed, the iced coffee maker enhances the coffee’s taste and reduces bitterness.

Luv Muggs has launched its updated 12oz slow brew iced coffee maker. The product has a glass ice drip and comes with 100 filters upon purchase.

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The updated iced coffee maker model is a welcome addition to the kitchen of any coffee afficionado. Luv Muggs’ iced coffee maker has been expertly designed with quality craftsmanship to enhance each iced coffee and make each cup an experience for coffee lovers by improving the taste and aroma and eliminating any bitterness.

Cold brewing coffee has received widespread praise for its ability to extract maximum flavor to enhance the taste of each cup. Since the process of cold brewing extract acids, oils, and sugars at a much slower pace, cold brew coffee can have substantially less acidity and bitterness than when using hot water. By utilizing Luv Muggs’ new slow brew iced coffee maker, coffee drinkers are making a conscious choice to value quality over the convenience of quick brew hot coffee.

Hot coffee has been blamed as a possible source of heartburn and indigestion. Since cold brew coffee is less acidic it is less likely to stimulate acid reflux and irritate the stomach. Additionally, cold brew coffee contains a higher amount of chlorogenic acid than hot brew coffee, allowing cold brew coffee to serve as a powerful antioxidant. Luv Muggs’ cold brew machine uses melting ice making the brewing process slower but offering both improved taste and health benefits.

Luv Muggs’ slow brew iced coffee maker has a capacity of 12oz and is made of glass. The iced coffee maker costs $75.99 and 100 56mm coffee filter papers are included. Online purchases can be made using Visa, Mastercard or American Express. The product is delivered to the customer’s door within three to five weeks after purchase. The company stands behind its product and offers a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.

For more information about Luv Muggs’ iced coffee maker visit or call 949-407-8573.

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