UK Bad Credit/Bankruptcy Loan Broker – Refinance Equity Mortgage Finder Expanded

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UK Finance specialists Polar Mortgages expand their service to connect 'bad credit' borrowers with lenders so that they can mortgage. refinance or release equity from, their home.

London-based mortgage broker Polar Mortgages announced the expansion of their refinance equity mortgage finder services connecting a variety of finance products with customers traditionally overlooked by mortgage lenders. The company offers financial solutions for those with adverse credit, individuals over 55, those undergoing bankruptcy, and applicants seeking to remortgage an existing property to release equity or secure a lower rate.

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Polar Mortgages seek to help a wider range of people successfully finance or refinance property by enabling customers to take advantage of their expertise in the subprime market and in-depth knowledge of lenders’ criteria.

Lenders currently on their ‘Bad Credit’ panel include many high street banks and building societies such as Santander, RBS, Woolwich, Yorkshire Building Society, Britannia, Halifax, Nationwide, and NatWest.

Customers with poor credit, bankruptcy arrangements, or county court judgments are frequently turned down when applying for mortgage products directly from the lender. Polar Mortgages team of impartial experts can help customers with unique requirements gain access to finance, by assessing circumstances and putting together suitable options.

Those seeking to refinance a property or take out a mortgage can fill out a form online and the Polar Mortgage team will find the best product available. Clients can talk to a trained team member at any point without any obligation to proceed. If clients do wish to apply for a product themselves, the Polar team will complete the paperwork and process the application on their behalf.

Polar Mortgages is a British online remortgage broker connecting UK lenders with borrowers who have less than optimum credit or specific finance needs. Their team of experts can help applicants acquire a mortgage, find a cheaper mortgage product than the one they currently have, or release equity for home improvements. The company specializes in mortgages that finance bathroom or kitchen renovations, home extensions, and other related projects.

A spokesperson for the company said, “It is likely to be easier than you thought to remortgage with bad credit. To use an old English proverb, ‘When there’s a will, there’s a way.’ We would like to get you on the path to successfully remortgaging your property for home improvements or to benefit from unrealized equity.”

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