Slough UK Home Remodelling Mortgage – Low Credit Loan Refinancing Package Launch

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Polar Mortgages has updated its mortgage refinancing services designed to help homeowners in Slough and throughout the UK finance home improvements.

Polar Mortgages, a UK-based mortgage advisor, has launched an updated range of home improvement remortgaging services for clients in Slough and throughout the UK. The firm offers flexible solutions for individuals interested in increasing the equity in their homes.

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The update provides clients with an affordable remortgaging option regardless of credit score.

Flexible payment options for home improvement endeavours are ideal solutions for clients interested in increasing the value of their homes through renovation. According to numerous real estate industry authorities, home renovations are one of the top ways to boost the return on investment on the purchase of a home. Besides the financial benefits, remodelling can also benefit homeowners by allowing them to personalise their living space.

Polar Mortgages works closely with clients to offer flexible solutions for low-interest remortgaging plans.

Each bespoke package provides homeowners with the freedom to renegotiate the terms of their existing mortgage to secure a lower monthly rate. The firm’s experienced financial specialists use details of clients’ portfolios to find an ideal remortgaging package. High approval rates mean that clients with poor credit can also benefit from working with the firm’s mortgage professionals.

By working directly with small lenders, advisors are able to secure a number of flexible options for any client regardless of their credit score. The agency offers clients no obligation, no upfront cost appointments.

With the latest announcement, Polar Mortgages continues to provide clients with access to a wide range of financial options for improving their home and increasing its value.

A spokesperson for the agency said: “Our advisors will access whole-of-market mortgage deals to tap into the under-the-radar smaller lenders, pit them all against each other, and find the best firm that is the most likely to approve on your remortgage. People often reach us feeling disheartened, then they smile.”

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