SloMo Lounge: The Latest Interactive Event Entertainment Activity

Interactive Dallas, the leading event entertainment activity provider is pleased to announce their latest interactive event entertainment called the SloMo Lounge.

The SloMo Lounge is anew innovative and unique photo booth that provides super slow motion videoplayback of short videos taken at live events of guests interacting with eachother and quirky props.

This innovative event entertainmentactivity offers broadcast quality, high definition slow motion playback byshooting video at 240 frames for per second using their fully customized cameratechnology that employs high end capabilities that provide extreme slow motion video.

“This new interactive event entertainment activity is made possible because of the dedication of ourcompany to provide clients with exceptional interactive event experiences theyhave never seen. While our main office is in Dallas, we travel to anydestination for events. Our new slow motion photo booth is superb and our AirGraffiti digital graffiti wall technology continues to provide unique andinnovative event entertainment experiences with a digital twist,” CommentedDennis Walthers Founder of both the SloMo Lounge and Air Graffiti Dallas.

While there are otherof Slow Motion Photo Booths in existence, some of them are using cameratechnology not designed for use in an event setting, and some only use DSLRthat shoot 60 fps. The technology employed by the SloMo Lounge, was designedspecifically for the event industry.  TheSloMo Lounge workflow is intuitive with a natural flow that is fun and excitingcompared to the conventional photo booth. In addition to creating a video and viewingit in super slow motion, guests also get to choose from a selection of stillshots that are printed on site.  Both thevideo and photos can be shared via email and social media.

“The whole thing istaking place in real time, therefore in many cases the SloMo Lounge software offersfaster throughput at events compared to conventional photo booth. That means lesstime for event guest waiting in line. This is really amazing technology.   Theresulting videos show facial expressions and emotions that are astounding.  The SloMo Lounge is another breakthrough interactiveevent entertainment technology that will delight the masses and leave a smileon their face.”  Added Walthers

About SloMo Lounge

The SloMo Lounge isthe newest event activity entertainment from the creators of Air GraffitiDallas. The first and the most innovative digital graffiti wall in Texas, thecompany is situated in Dallas but can travel to any destination or event. Theyunderstand the needs of event professionals and the entertainment industry andthey continue to work hard to exceed client expectations.

For additional information please visit the SloMo Lounge website at or contact them at 214.293.5044.  

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