Slim Fashion Trading, LLC Launches Their Best Waist Trainer Ever

Slim Fashion Trading LLC, a Miami shapewear company, announced two waist trainer models. The regular waist trainer is designed for day-to-day use, and the sport version can be worn during workouts. Both waist cinchers are made of heavy-duty materials for increased resistance and spine support.

Slim Fashion Trading LLC, (Slim Fashion) a Miami shapewear company, has recently launched two new models of waist trainers, under their Maxine brandname, targeted to women who want to look their very best by accentuating their silhouette and straightening their back.

A slim waist is a desirable trait for many women. However, achieving one can be particularly challenging for those whose lifestyle allow little time for exercise, or who are simply genetically predisposed towards waist fat accumulation. This is why many women have turned to wearing a waist trainer: it helps them achieve that desired hourglass figure almost magically.

Slim waist trainers have grown in popularity since celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have appeared wearing waist training items. Once someone as popular as Mrs Kardashian showed the world that wearing a corset is fashionable, women all around took her lead and decided it was something they wanted to have on their wardrobes too. As a result of the increase in demand, many companies have started manufacturing waist shapewear, the result being a relative over-saturation of the market and a wide array of options for women to choose from.

Slim Fashion´s parent company is a Colombian clothing manufacturer, which has been in the business of manufacturing women’s lingerie and shapewear for the better part of two decades. It’s committed to presenting their clients with the best products possible, made using the finest of fabrics and employing fair trade practices.

Slim Fashion’s experience and drive in the lingerie and shapewear categories, as well as the business opportunity their management foresaw, prompted them to launch two new waist training shapewear models to the United States’ market: Maxine Slim and Maxine Sport. To provide reliable products to their clients, the company uses high-endurance materials and flexible body-shaping technology, allowing for comfortable wearing and visible, almost immediate, results.

Maxine Slim is their best waist trainer ever and has been designed for casual wear, slim enough to be worn under all clothes, without anyone other than the wearer noticing it, as the lightweight materials are hardly visible. This is a feature that most women have found very valuable, since usually no one wants other people to know their secret to a slimmer waist.

Maxine Slim Waist Cincher is also designed to provide adequate posture training to the wearer. The three rows of hooks allow for gradual waist training, thus making it easier for women to trim down waist size in a few weeks time.

Maxine Sport is a waist shaper meant to be worn during workouts, either indoor or outdoor. It is shorter than the Maxine Slim, allowing the wearer more freedom of movement while at their training sessions. Maxine Sport comes in vibrant colors: pink, purple and blue. It can be used both for workout sessions as well as regular wearing underneath everyday clothing. It is made of cotton, elastane and natural latex to keep its shape after regular and heavy use, and it has been specifically designed to encourage correct posture and spine alignment.

Both Maxine Slim and Maxine Sport waist trainers are made of durable yet flexible materials, allowing for freedom of movement while keeping the spine straight and efficiently shaping the waist.

Slim Fashion has made their Maxine Slim and Maxine Sport waist trainers available exclusively on at a competitive price. Slim Fashion is currently working towards setting up their very own eCom Store, where it will soon offer a wider selection of women’s shapewear and lingerie.

Interested parties can find more information about Maxine’s shapewear garments at

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