Sliding Control Skateboard Wheels With California Cube Grip Launched

An innovative skateboard wheel has been launched by California based company Shark Wheel. The wheel uses a three dimensional sine wave pattern to achieve its unique look and success.

Shark Wheel, a California based skateboard company, has launched a new type of skateboard wheel. The website states that the company is dedicated to producing the most innovative, technologically advanced and unique wheels available and have produced the Shark Wheel, which appears to be a cube and a circle at the same time by using a sine wave pattern.

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The company began in Southern California and David M Patrick invented the Shark Wheel when attempting to solve a scientific principle. He now works with Pedro Valdez in the quest for the latest wheel innovations. Once prototypes had been developed and tested and after a successful crowd funding campaign, Shark Wheel came to the market and the company have now opened their first shop in Orange County, Los Angeles.

The company appeared on the television show Shark Tank, where they caught the imagination of the Sharks. The Shark Wheel has also been noticed by skateboarder Tony Hawk and has been used by professional skateboarders in international competitions.

The Shark Wheel design is based on the shape of shark jaws and is a pattern that is found in the natural world. David M Patrick discovered this shape when studying the natural sciences and has used this shape in the production of his wheels. The geometry of the Shark Wheel is a combination of a cube, a sphere and a three dimensional wave.

The website states that this uniquely designed wheel gives the skateboard user a faster more exhilarating ride. The sine wave pattern of the wheels allows debris to be funnelled smoothly away on different terrains, giving more traction. The wave also allows increased width with less friction on the ground, meaning more grip and sliding control.

There are numerous models of wheels available on the website using this technology, coming in many colors and sizes. The wheel sizes range from 60mm to 70mm and can be purchased to fit different size skateboards. Complete skateboards using the Shark Wheel are also available and come in 12 different styles.

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