Sleep Deficit Tracker App For Optimal Productivity And Increased Energy Upgraded

Rise Science has upgraded its eponymous app, which allows clients to track their sleep debt and daily energy levels. The app learns an individual’s biological rhythms and makes actionable, personalized recommendations to improve a person’s well-being.

The company’s latest version of the software-only and science-based sleep debt tracker app, RISE, gives customers a clearer picture of their sleeping habits, and the spikes and troughs of their daily energy availability. This detailed overview yields personalized in-app notifications which enable people to optimize their productivity every day.

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Rise Science’s app upgrade enables more precise monitoring of an individual’s circadian rhythms, taking advantage of iPhone and Android gyroscopes and motion sensors to notify people of key patterns. It also recommends ways for individuals to optimize their sleep schedules to maximize their energy levels.

In the United States, more than two-thirds of adults say they don’t get enough sleep at least once a month, while over 10% say they don’t get enough sleep every night. Significantly, between three and seven days each week, about half of all Americans report feeling drowsy during the day. While the causes range from stress and diet to poor planning, the health risks are major, and the impact on productivity is well documented.

The RISE app obviates the need for costly heavy blankets, melatonin supplements, and all-in-one wearables. RISE is based on the two scientifically-backed concepts of “sleep debt” and circadian rhythm, which sleep specialists agree have a profound impact on how people experience their days. By tracking historical sleep debt, the app can predict people’s daily energy schedule and let them know when to sleep.

Moreover, people who suffer from sleep deprivation may not realize that their productivity shortcomings are directly linked to their lack of sleep. In fact, sleep debt is accrued over time, and stands as the single most important predictor of how people feel and function during the day.

Rise Science was co-founded by Jeff Kahn and Leon Sasson, industrial/health/design engineers whose research and work have been featured in The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and The Wall Street Journal, and on ESPN. After years of working with professional athletes, startups, and Fortune 500s, they launched RISE to empower everyone with a smartphone to realize their full potential.

“The Internet is rife with sleep misinformation,” said a company spokesperson. “But most people don’t need supplements or expensive accessories. Sleep is both complex and very simple: people need to get the right amount. That’s all. RISE helps them do just that.”

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