Sleep Better Cooler And Safer With GoodKnight’s Just Released Mattress Protector

With GoodKnight’s unmatched reputation in customer satisfaction and quality, it is safe to say that the proof is in the product.

In one lifetime, humans spend around 25 years sleeping. Although we spend a third of our lives in bed, poor and uncomfortable sleep is becoming increasingly typical. GoodKnight has created a product that not only helps with better sleep, but also protects the physical and hygienic condition of the mattress.

A small stain can easily seep through the sheets and go straight into your expensive mattress, causing odor and damage. GoodKnight’s soft and perfectly fitted mattress encasement is 100% waterproof, protecting your mattress from spills, incontinence, and perspiration. Many customers have already benefited from GoodKnight’s new product. Thanks to its water resistant power, this mattress protector has prolonged the life of mattresses within the elderly or families with children, even after an accident.

Some may complain of feeling itchy or stuffy when in bed, which is a sign of dust mite allergies. Even with regular sheet washing, beds are prime real estate for these mites, other allergens and bacteria. GoodKnight mattress protectors guarantee prevention of unwanted inhabitants from living in multitudes and reproducing in the bed. It is important to protect yourself and your bedding from uninvited organisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

The GoodKnight mattress protector has features that go beyond simply protecting the health of a mattress. GoodKnight mattress protectors are created with fabric technology that repels heat and provides circulation. This causes a cooling effect while sleeping, resulting in a more comfortable night’s rest, especially for those who run hot or don’t want to have a high electric bill during the summer season.

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GoodKnight takes pride in manufacturing products ethically and without PVC, Vinyl, and phthalates to ensure a safe bedroom environment. It can be easily cleaned by being run in the washing machine, while retaining its quality and function no matter how many washes it has had.

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