Skin Tightening In Oakhurst, New Jersey Becoming More Popular With Latest Device

Body and Skin Tightening in Oakhurst, NJ Announces New Radio Frequency Technology For Skin Tightening In The New Jersey Area

Oakhurst, NJ- Top aesthetics practice in Oakhurst, NJ announces that they are the first choice for clients seeking the newest method for tightening sagging skin due to the effects of aging, sun damage or weight loss.

Safe and Gentle Renewals, the popular aesthetics practice in Oakhurst, NJ- who specializes in skin tightening had this to say about the featured technology, “We most often think of sagging skin as being associated only with the process of ageing, however there are many other factors which contribute to this condition – sun damage, weight loss, smoking and hormonal changes, to name a few.”

Medical Director, Gordon Lutchman, MD, explained, “There has been an increasing demand for non-surgical techniques to combat sagging skin and Radio Frequency technology has been shown to be very effective for this purpose.” The actual device used at Safe and Gentle Renewals is called Nu Era Tight and it offers the very latest in Radio Frequency technology for skin tightening.

To understand how Radio Frequency energy tightens skin, it is important to understand that there are many collagen fibers in the deeper layers of our skin and these fibers provide a support network within the skin. As a result of ageing (and other factors such as sun damage and smoking), collagen fibers become weakened and also do not regenerate as quickly. These effects lead to crepey or sagging skin. Radio Frequency energy causes collagen fibers to contract and, with repeated treatments, also stimulates the formation of new fibers. The overall effect produced is a tightening of skin, leading to a smoother appearance.

Nu Era Tight delivers the right amount of energy to the correct layer of the skin so that there is minimal risk of side effects and absolutely no down time.

Safe and Gentle Renewals also uses Radio Frequency technology do body contouring and to treat cellulite. More information can be found at

The business is located at 1806 State Hwy 35 South, Oakhurst, NJ 07755, suite 209

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