Skin & Eco Friendly Kids Clothing Range Lina And Mickey Online Store Launched

New US brand of children's skin friendly and ecological clothing, Lina and Mickey, has a launched an online web store for its range of 100 percent cotton children's clothing range, designed for infants to kids aged 11 years and above, shipping all over the world.

New US brand of skin friendly and ecological clothing for children, Lina and Mickey, has a launched an online web store for its range of children’s clothing, designed for infants to kids aged 11 years and above. For more details, visit the newly launched website:

The key fabric used in the production of the the Lina and Mickey children’s clothing range is 100 percent cotton. An original, natural fiber, that’s been tried and tested for centuries, cotton is the most commonly used fibre world-wide and provides superior performance over synthetic, and even other natural, fibers, making for healthy contact with children’s skin. The website provides parents all of the US and around the globe with direct purchasing access to the clothing range.

The team at Lina and Mickey explain that children have thinner and more porous skin, and the younger they are the thinner it is, making it less resistant to environmental severities and bacteria. Young children aren’t able to produce the same type of efficient sweat that adults do, and their bodies also regulate temperature differently. The health benefits and comfort factor provided to children from clothing made with cotton is what inspired the label to create its range.

Blogs published to the online web store detail some of the many benefits of cotton including: increased durability, improved insulation, higher comfort level, highly effective hypoallergenic benefits and cotton fibers are also weatherproof. Natural cotton is more elastic than artificial fibers so clothing can withstand more wash cycles than synthetics and even a cotton blend. Its high fibre strength also means less tear.

The most sought after cotton clothes are underwear and pajamas, clothing that has direct contact with the skin, as it’s breathable and healthier, providing better air circulation. It also helps with the absorption of sweat. Customers of the Lina and Mickey range can enjoy all of these benefits, with the convenience of purchasing online and receiving the shipment at home.

The Lina and Mickey online store categorizes its children’s clothing range into items for: baby girls aged 0 – 24 months and baby boys aged 0 – 24 months, little girls aged 2 – 10 and little boys aged 2 – 10, and, girls 11 and up and boys 11 and up. It also has a natural fiber footwear range of babies’ booties. Items include: accessories, headbands, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, rompers, sets, sleepwear and tops. The Lina and Mickey store provides affordable pricing options, even beating Amazon.

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