Skin Brushes Now on Sale: 6 Powerful Benefits of Healthy Skin Brushing

Sublime Beauty®, an anti-aging skin care company, offers incredibly simple yet powerful tips on how to have better skin, better circulation and improved wellness with Skin Brushing. For a LIMITED time, take 10% off on Amazon.

6 POWERFUL tips are offered by Sublime Beauty, to help improve wellness and beauty of skin. For a LIMITED TIME, Sublime offers a 10% Amazon discount on its Skin Brushes to get started.


The simple technique has long been overlooked, but is now used today most often by models, actresses and spa enthusiasts. Skin Brushing, also known as Body Brushing, Dry Brushing or Lymphatic Brushing, is a practice that improves skin, circulation, lymphatic movement (for a better immune system) and more beautiful skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ, very important for elimination of toxins and for health defense.


Sublime Beauty focuses on wellness and improving skin health. The company shares 6 powerful benefits of Body Brushing:

1) Keeps the skin clear, allows it to glow and function as it should. Skin Brushing will reveal a softer, more glowing and more functioning skin.

2) Skin Brushing will improve and benefit blood circulation. This is so important for good health, delivering nutrients throughout the body and better skin tone.

3) The Lymphatic system will be a strong beneficiary of Skin Brushing. The lymph system does not have a pump like the heart for the blood, and relies on muscle movement, massage or something like Body Brushing. Daily brushing will help the lymph system move, drain and will support the immune system.

4) Helps muscle tension and stress. The simple act of Skin Brushing is a stress-buster!

5) Cellulite management. Skin Brushing helps to break down the fat deposits and toxins under the skin that cause dimpling, and help to flush them away. Of course, additional attention is needed to handle cellulite but brushing the skin can help with maintenance. (Sublime Beauty offers organic Cellulite Whisperer® products.)

6) Detoxifies the body.

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