Skin Analysis Machines Get Under The Skin For Proper Diagnosis

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The winter months can be rough on the skin. The colder air will zap the moisture right out of the skin and can lead to rashes and other painful ailments that might need more than just a moisturizer to get relief.

The largest organ in the body, the one that is exposed to all the elements, is your skin, and it can indicate other deeper health issues beyond the usual winter dryness. Diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, and even cancer can have symptoms that show up on the skin, so getting right down to the root cause is very important when time is of the essence to get a diagnosis and start treatment.

The Observ skin analysis machine uses state-of-the-art technology to diagnose skin problems before they become serious, as well as track how well treatment is going for a patient. Using different types of light, the Observ machine is able to show the surface texture, subdermal secretions, and other irregularities that can’t been seen under regular daylight.

The machine is used by dermatologists, but can also be used at a patient’s home. This makes life more convenient for patients who can’t get into their doctor for appointments or don’t have time in their schedule for regular follow ups. Keeping track of their progress helps patients and makes things easier for the doctor as well.

The Observ skin analysis machine goes deeper than the surface, where certain problems can lurk without a person realizing there’s a problem. As the equipment can instantly reveal problems, a targeted treatment plan can be started immediately and monitoring can be done consistently throughout that treatment.

Taking the first step towards healthy skin begins with a proper diagnosis, and Observ will do just that.

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