Skilled Labor Search Platform – Trusted Professionals Hiring Service Launched

Recently launched application JobbHopp allows clients to connect with local skilled specialists for short-term employment opportunities, with app-powered contracts to ensure reliability.

JobbHopp, a recently launched mobile platform for connecting skilled laborers with clients, is now available on both iOS and Android operating systems. The app allows skilled workers and clients to form contracts for single job employment opportunities.

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With the launch of JobbHopp on both major mobile operating systems, clients are now able to find approved skilled workers, called “Hoppers,” who have been categorized by their individual skill sets. This allows clients to easily connect with the skilled local specialists they require for a particular job or jobs, whether they are individual entrepreneurs or members of a larger business.

Skilled laborers on the platform will have profiles available for prospective clients to review their particular skill sets, past performance, and other relevant information. After selecting the Hopper best suited for the job, clients can describe the required service, location, and price. The Hopper will then have the chance to either accept the offer or to make a bid for a different price.

Once a job and a price have been agreed on by both parties, the app locks both sides into a short-term contract until the completion of the service. The app will track the location of the Hopper to the job site, and allow both parties to review each other upon completion of the project. This allows for consistent reliability in approved laborers and employers.

JobbHopp clients can request nearly any service imaginable, such as a photographer for reunions, or a carpenter for construction or repairs. Specialists in any field are welcome to sign up as Hoppers, whether they are professional painters, graphic designers, or dog walkers.

In the event of a dispute, clients can file a detailed report in the app, which will then be reviewed by JobbHopp staff, who will make a decision about whether the service was successfully completed as agreed. The outcome will determine whether the client is charged for the service, or offered a refund.

One satisfied client said, “It has made me the person I am today and connected me with many professional individuals like myself. I couldn’t recommend a more solid platform for job endeavors.”

The app can be downloaded for Android from the Google Play Store at

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