Skateboards With Fast Wheels Wet Weather Best Grip Control Deck Trucks Launched

Shark Wheel, the California based skateboarding company, has expanded its online store to offer complete skateboards featuring its unique wheel design. They offer better control in rough and wet conditions and can be used for high performance roles and for fun.

A California based skateboarding company called Shark Wheel, which manufactures helical wheels rather than the traditional circular shape, has expanded its online store to offer a wide range of complete boards featuring its uniquely designed wheels. The boards come complete with different graphics, with models for both intermediate and advanced riders, and are designed with maneuverability and functionality in mind.

More information can be found on the Shark Wheel website at:

A range of complete boards is available on the Shark Wheel site, and all include a deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, riser pads, grip tape and all the nuts and bolts required to equip and change the innovative Shark Wheels themselves.

The website states that boards are available in Bomber Black, Smoke Black, Zombie Turquoise, Transparent Purple, Timber White and a range of other designs, which can all be browsed by filtering the shop category on the company website and scrolling through the skateboard options available.

Shark Wheel’s concept is based on reinventing the wheel for faster and more precise skateboarding technique. Shark Wheels are composed of one or many three dimensional waves, which give the impression of combining a sphere with a cube, allowing the wheel to take on the properties of both while the user is skateboarding along.

Following a highly popular crowd funding campaign, the product attracted the attention of Tony Hawk, and the wheels have since been used by skateboarders who have placed in popular competitions around the world.

Through information provided on the website and in videos advertising the products, Shark Wheel says that its wheel design offers better maneuverability over debris, and works better when in wet conditions.

The company website explains that each of the complete sine-wave Shark Wheel skateboards it offers have better slide control and can reach faster speeds that skateboards with traditional wheel design. It states that skateboarders using their products can go over rough terrain better than any long board wheel, and the same is true for riding in the wet.

Shark Wheel goes on to say that they are designed for both high performance use and simply for cruising around, and can be used equally well for both.

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