Six Figures A Year Nick James 2018 Info Publishing Guide Book Launched

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Six Figures A Year in Info Publishing has been officially launched, offering readers a step-by-step guide on how to start their own info publishing business.

Author and entrepreneur Nick James launched Six Figures A Year, his new book on how to start an online business in info publishing. The book is a step-by-step guide allowing aspiring authors and any other individuals with an interest in starting an online business to set the foundations for a career as an accomplished independent author and marketer.

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Information publishing can be an attractive avenue for anyone interested in starting an online business, as it requires no significant financial investment. Whether promoting their own e-books or selling books written by authors, entrepreneurs in the information publishing industry can create a profitable online business while also providing genuine value to customers throughout the world.

The new book by Nick James is based on his extensive experience with information publishing, the author having currently generated more than $16 million during his career.

According to Nick James, info publishing is an ideal alternative to traditional online business models, as it requires significantly fewer financial and time investments while also providing the opportunity to generate an income of more than $100k per year.

Among the key issues covered is helping readers develop a proactive attitude that will help them “stop existing and start living”. By shedding light over commonly held false beliefs related to online business management and marketing, the book allows readers to kickstart their career as independent authors and info publishing marketers.

Also included is a complete guide on The Zero Cost Marketing Method that targets a common resource used by more than 80% of prospective customers to find new products.

Coupled with sales-optimization and repeat-purchase increase strategies, the book offers all the necessary information for aspiring authors and online entrepreneurs.

Nick said: “In life you have a decision to make – either seek employment and be paid a ‘wage’ for the time you devote to ‘working for a living‘, or set yourself up in business and develop a way to generate an income that uses a different model entirely.”

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