Six Figure Stamp Club Reviews Video Released by Todd Temaat: Includes Financials

Todd Temaat releases a video review of Six Figure Stamp Club at that includes his actual financial returns and how he's actively referring sales to his team.

For many people that would like to build a home based business or side income, trying to build a business online is simply overwhelming and unrealistic. They simply don’t have either the technical skills or the desire to learn a bunch of technology and complex tools.

In a new video review of the Six Figure Stamp Club, Todd Temaat reveals exactly how these people can build a realistic business from home without having to have any online presence or tools. He shows how they can build a direct mail business that offers truly life-changing income.

Temaat reveals his up-to-date income and expenses since he entered the program 6 weeks ago. Holding nothing back, he reveals exactly where all of his sales are coming from as well as the challenges and hurdles he has faced and how he recommends new people overcome those obstacles.

Six Figure Stamp Club is a mail order leads company that specializes in providing direct mail professionals the names and addresses of people interested in business opportunities. The company offers a discount membership program that allows members to buy these leads at 40-60% savings over their retail cost.

The company allows members to use the leads they get in nearly any way they choose to. Some members use them to mail network marketing, MLM, affiliate or other product offers to people they know are highly-interested in seeing those offers. Others send the Six Figure Stamp Club business opportunity itself to the leads. Still others do both of these.

According to Temaat, “Once the company send you your leads, they’re yours. You can mail to them as many times as you want to. You can even sell advertising to others that might want to mail to your list! Honestly, the ways the leads can be used are only limited by your creativity.”

The company also allows members to resell memberships and earn substantial referral fees for these sales. Members get paid directly by new members in cash and postage stamps rather than having to wait on a commission check from the company. In addition, members get paid these referral fees not just on their direct sales, but also on the sales of people they have referred to the membership program.

Mr. Temaat’s review video also goes into depth on exactly how he helps new members get their first sales by giving them the referrals he gets from his quickly-growing YouTube channel. In addition, Mr. Temaat offers up to $1,500 in special bonuses for anyone that joins his team.

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When asked about Six Figure Stamp Club, Temaat said, “The thing I love about Six Figure Stamp Club is it’s simplicity! Anyone can mail a letter. And that’s all it takes to succeed with the program. Not only that, but you get paid in cash and postage stamps. That means that as you succeed, your postage costs drop continuously…and that gives you an even higher ROI!”.

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