Sit-In-Motion Ergonomic Office Chair For Back Support – Benefits Report Released

All33, a US-based company that sells ergonomic chairs, has released a report detailing the health risks associated with poor posture and insufficient back support.

The company’s newly released report explains that individuals with a sedentary profession, are highly likely to develop musculoskeletal disorders. Back pain is a common complaint these workers have, and that is due to a lack of proper support and a posture that negatively impacts the condition of the spine.

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All33’s recently released report informs that it is crucial to sit in a chair that is designed to support the entirety of the person’s back in order to avoid incessant aching and sudden, sharp pains. Continuing to lack the required support can result in the worsening of the individual’s condition.

Poor posture not only leads to serious back pain, but can also cause other health problems including coccydynia, arthritis, osteoporosis, scoliosis, neck pain, shoulder pain, and fatigue. Office workers should not settle for just any desk chair as it can cause harm to their bodies. The ideal chair for prolonged use should be comfortable regardless of how long one is sitting on it and offer effective support to ensure the individual can work pain-free.

In the report, the company reveals that their proprietary chair, the BackStrong Ergonomic Office Chair, is perfect for deskbound jobs. This chair was designed by an experienced chiropractor to help users maintain the correct posture throughout their workday, lessen pain, and enhance their overall health. It features Sit-In-Motion technology that moves and aligns all 33 vertebrae of the spine.

Their BackStrong C1 chair allows the natural movement of the back and pelvis while promoting healthy circulation and boosting flexibility. It also has foldaway arms that allow the individual to get closer to their desk if needed without having to strain their eyes to see. Its unique ergonomic components hug and cradle the lower back to relieve pressure and correct posture.

All33’s chairs come in a diverse range of colors including black, red, or tan upholstery with black frames. Customers can try the chair for 60 days, and if they are unsatisfied with it for any reason, they can get a full refund.

A satisfied customer said: “Love it. Just got back from a vacation and sat comfortably catching up on work emails all day without having to reset my position. My energy and efficiency are both noticeably improved. Thank you.”

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