SIP Trunking Reselling No Contract Platform – Build a Recurring Revenue Stream

SIPTRUNK has announced the launch of its updated commission rates for SIP trunking service resellers. The company offers competitive commission rate of 15% to 18%.

SIPTRUNK, an SIP trunking service provider, has announced the launch of its updated commission rates for resellers. The company promises friendly terms for its resellers, and the platform is designed to be used with ease.

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The launch of the updated commission rates for resellers gives current SIP trunking resellers strong compensation for their efforts and creates mutually beneficial relationships.

The SIP trunking industry is quickly growing, as approximately 70% of North American businesses and 82% of those in Western Europe report using SIP trunking. In 2018, a report on the SIP trunking market found that the industry had over $14 billion USD in revenue. The market is expected to continue its rapid growth, as the industry could reach $22 billion USD in revenue by 2024.

To allow resellers to take advantage of the growing SIP trunking market, SIPTRUNK provides them with an easy-to-use platform and competitive commission rates.

The company offers resellers commission rates of 15% for sales below $9,999 USD and 18% for sales above $10,000 USD. Resellers are not required to sign contracts or make any payments up-front, which substantially lowers the barrier to entry.

To resolve technical issues and address client needs, the company provides resellers with access to an expert support team. Further, SIPTRUNK’s staff handles end-customer billing and taxation, which allows resellers to focus on making sales.

The transparent commission rates and consistent payment schedule let resellers know how much they will be paid and when.

With the launch of the updated commission rates, the company renews its commitment to maintaining excellent relationships with its team of resellers. Learn more about how SIPTRUNK treats its partners at

The company created the SIPTRUNK platform with resellers in mind, as a spokesperson for the company said: “It has been purposefully designed to make quoting, provisioning, billing, and managing SIP trunk customers easier than ever before. In addition to ditching restrictive contracts and big upfront expenses, SIPTRUNK also simplifies doing business for our clients in other ways.”

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