Sintelix Introduces New Software to Help in Text Mining, Geo Coding and Entity Extraction

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Adelaide, Australia – August 2nd, 2014 /PressCable/

Sintelix has introduced new software to

help text mining, geo coding, and entity extraction of any corporate

companies working on data collection. It is sure to give companies

the ease of dealing with their processes in text mining, geo coding

and even in entity extraction.

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The software is working in with

Palantir to help intelligence organizations collect data efficiently.

Since the software is already working according to its purpose,

companies that will be using it are sure to get the benefits for

making data collection done as convenient as possible. This will make

the entire process easier this time unlike the previous processes.

This software will automate difficult

information captures quickly and easily, making it beneficial for

company employees to their job efficiently. There are just many

features that companies can benefit from the use of the software such

as information extraction, relationship extraction, entity

extraction, entity resolution, contextual geotagging, file fragment

recovery, deduplication / denisting and document normalization.

Unlike the usual process of allotting more employees in each job, the

software will help in making the job done the fastest possible time

that can help a company with its productivity goals.

Through the release of the new software

in the market suitably for company, this will allow companies to

increase their productivity big time. Companies can now turn to

computerize all of these high cost business processes and at the same

time achieve high accuracy with every process that they would need.

Sintelix is a multiuser and

server-based software solution that provides rapid configuration

process along with an intuitive user interface that can help their

clients. All of the mentioned features along with more features such

as IDE, optimization data and integrated evaluation & reporting

can be provided by the system.

Sintelix CEO, Daniel McMichael says

“Sintelix is a highly capable system able to operate as a

server-based multiuser system for information extraction and advanced

search. It offers services that can be embedded into external work

flows. It provides advanced tools for optimization and evaluation of

its performance and for doing cross-system comparisons.”

Contact Info:
Name: Daniel McMichael
Organization: Sintelix
Phone: +61 (8) 7221 3200
Address: Adelaide, Australia

Release ID: 57697