Singapore Tennis Coaching Program Upgrades Coaches To Sports Scientists

OnCourt Advantage, a leading Singapore tennis coaching, has announced that their coaches are now tennis sports scientists. They teach in Farrer Park tennis centre and St. Wilfred tennis centre.

OnCourt Advantage, a leading Singapore tennis coaching program, announced that their coaches are now all certified tennis sports science experts, a first in Singapore. Their method of training people tennis leverages their knowledge of the practical application of human biomechanics from different strokes, court movement, footwork, and strategizing inside the court. Each tennis lesson is tailored depending on the student’s goals and level of skill.

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As part of their commitment towards bringing science and sports together, OnCourt Advantage hired the best tennis sports science experts who offer biomechanics coaching, a scientific method where the player’s movements are analyzed and trained to be more efficient in all possible ways. This is available for both adults and and children who want to learn how to play, specifically in Farrer Park tennis centre and St. Wilfred tennis centre.

Jay Davern, an expert tennis sports scientist, says “The goal of OnCourt Advantage is to teach people who want to learn tennis in Singapore about the science behind it, and how to make each movement count. It is a lifelong exploration of how to increase effectiveness and efficiency. And of course, part of the program is to help people enjoy playing tennis better.”

The improved qualifications of OnCourt Advantage’s tennis coaches means they can provide the best tennis training in Singapore. Especially with over 20 years of professional experience in both playing and teaching in Australia, Singapore, and other parts of the world, the tennis training program qualifies as one of the best and scientifically proven way to learn to play tennis.

The tennis coaching program caters to both individuals and groups, both children and adults, for hobby and entertainment or professional play. Schedule is flexible and is available upon request.

People interested in the OnCourt tennis coaching program in Singapore and the unique qualifications of their coaches can find detailed information about all the coaching programs and coaching specialists and can inquire for more details by visiting OnCourt Advantage’s dedicated website.

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