Singapore Painting Contractors Home Office Painters 2018 Report Launched

Singapore painting contractor SolarMaxPower launched a full report on the 11 most important questions to ask painting contractors before hiring them for a commercial or residential project. The report offers actionable advice for home and business owners looking for professional painting services.

SolarMaxPower, a professional painting contractor based in Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, launched a full report on choosing a quality painter for residential and commercial projects. “Top 11 Right Questions to Ask Before Engaging Painting Services for Your Homes or Offices” covers essential aspects related to local reputation, licensing, pricing, service guarantee and other important criteria.

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The report aims to help home and business owners in Singapore ask essential questions to find professional painting contractor for their projects.

According to Jeff Tan, founder of SolarMaxPower: “Asking for references is one of the essential steps in ensuring that the contractor has a history of offering quality services. Local contractors should be able to provide a list of previous projects, allowing the prospective client to talk to home and business owners who have worked with the contractor in the past.”

Asking specific questions about the paint job, area preparation and type of paints to be used is another important strategy to ensure that the painting contractor will deliver high standards of quality and professionalism.

Contractors should be able to provide details on the specific area preparation and painting procedures to be undertaken, as well as provide guidance on choosing the right type of paint according to the client’s needs and preferences.

The report also addresses other important aspects such as licensing and certification, workers’ compensation policy and liability insurance, service guarantee and various others.

SolarMaxPower stresses the importance of choosing a contractor that has a local reputation of quality and customer satisfaction: “One of the keys to finding a great painter and getting the best possible paint job is to hire locally and ask the right questions. Find a home painting service that depends on a local reputation and who can not afford to tarnish their reputation by doing a bad job.”

The recent report is part of the company’s efforts to provide high quality painting services and information for clients in Upper Bukit Timah and other Singapore areas. SolarMaxPower is owned by Jeff Tan, aprofessional painter with more than ten years of experience providing cutting-edge painting services for residential and commercial clients throughout Singapore.

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