Singapore Mandarin/Korean Classes – SkillsFuture Credit Approved Courses Launch

Crystal Learning Language School is now offering SkillsFuture Credit approved classes in Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Japanese.

Crystal Learning Language School in Singapore has just announced they will now offer a range of SkillsFuture Credit approved language courses.

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This latest announcement will help Singaporean citizens to develop marketable skills and become more employable through high-quality language courses.

SkillsFuture Credits are government grants aimed at promoting professional skills development and lifelong learning among Singaporeans. All citizens aged 25 and older are eligible for an opening credit of $500 and a single $500 top up credit.

Credits are also available for Singaporeans aged 40-60 in order to help individuals to either transition careers or maintain their professional skills within a changing field.

Crystal Learning Language School is now offering a variety of language courses that are approved by the SkillsFuture Credit program. Students can use their SkillsFuture Credit to pay for classes in Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Indonesian and Japanese.

The company engages its students by keeping class sizes small and organised around the specific needs of each pupil. Classes also focus on practical spoken and written use of the language, rather than complex grammatical rules.

In addition to learning a new language, classes give students insight into the culture, mindset and history of a different country. This knowledge will enable students to develop strong relationships and conduct business effectively with foreign colleagues, clients and partners.

All classes are taught by certified professionals that are native speakers or completely fluent in the language being taught.

Crystal Learning’s language classes are suitable for all ages, including children and busy professionals. The company offers courses for those at all levels of proficiency, from beginner to experienced speakers.

This latest announcement is in line with Crystal Learning Language School’s commitment to helping its students to develop their language skills and become more competitive within the job-market.

The company’s Director Alex Lim said: “It’s our experience that speaking an extra language, or being more proficient in your second or third language, can be a career benefit to everyone, regardless of their profession. ”

Interested parties can learn more and enrol in classes by visiting the company’s website at

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