Singapore Executive Condominium Smaller Space Interior Design Renovation Launch

Homeowners with smaller condominiums, based in Singapore, can now take advantage of ARTrend’s new space optimizing solution, the executive condominium smaller space renovation plan, for the creation of more functional homes that appear larger than they actually are for greater comfort and long-term use.

Singapore-based ARTtrend Design Pte Ltd, a dynamic team of interior designers and decorators, who transform commercial and residential spaces into stunning living spaces, has launched an executive condominium smaller space interior design and renovation plan. This plan is ideal for homeowners wanting to create opulence in homes with space due to developer and building management restrictions.

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Recently launched, the executive condominium smaller space interior design renovation plan uses different mixes of interior design trends to create personalized spaces within a home. Home owners can also select from a range of materials to give them their desired look.

The plan also considers a homeowner’s needs, along with the size of the space and the family living in the area. Interior design plans then aim to make these homes more functional and appear larger than they actually are for greater comfort and long-term use.

By redesigning the interior of a condominium or unit, ARTrend makes a small space look ‘spacious’. A beautiful 2-storey penthouse condominium recently renovated by ARTrend found at illustrates this concept perfectly. This condominium is 2500 sq feet and based on the contemporary design theme. Many other themes are available.

Kelvin Chua, the founder of ARTrend, has a reputation for being one of the best in the industry. Having completed over 12,000 projects, ARTrend has a 30-year history and is an innovative commercial, residential and condominium interior design service who thrives when renovating property.

When asked about ARTrend services, Kelvin Chua, owner of the business said, “No project is ever too small. We devote our time and effort to every project. With our innovative ideas and ‘Space optimization planning solution’ we will match customer requirements with workmanship maintained to the highest of standards.”

To find out more about ARTrend and their services, call +65 6273 8488 or visit the link above.

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