Singapore Digital Marketing Firm Affiliate Marketing Partnership Launched

The leading digital marketing firm in Singapore has launched a partnership with the author of The Iceberg Effect. The partnership was formed to help Asian affiliate marketers succeed.

A Singapore based digital marketing company has launched a partnership with the author of the “Iceberg Effect.” The partnership was formed to provide consultancy services to affiliate marketers.

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The launch of this collaboration is designed to help marketers in Singapore and the surrounding area to understand the elements involved in affiliate marketing. This form of marketing allows anyone regardless of age or status to begin an online business and make money from wherever they may reside.

Peter Kwah, owner of the Singapore based marketing firm has obtained a limited quantity of Dean Holland’s new book, “The Iceberg Effect.” He is posting the books to the early movers who contact him for a complimentary copy via his website.

Chapters cover topics that include Spoiler Alert: It’s not what’s been taught, 3 Men & The Great Theft!, The Success Stopping Mistake, The 6 Words That Changed My Life, G____ vs F____ – Which and Why It Matters, The one thing others dare not Tell, The Multi-Q Process, and The Revenue Calculator.

New content has been developed and is now available in the book that includes Get Out Of Jail Free Card, The 4 Core Areas Of Focus, Undercover Detective Operation, The Only 3 Types Of Traffic, and How To Control Traffic And Send It Anywhere On-Demand.

Two of the most important chapters that Peter Kwah will be sharing with affiliate marketers in Singapore is entitled “3 Must-Have Assets” and ​​”The Bribe And The Bridge”. These chapters show the lethal tactic that super affiliates use to promote any offer online with ease whilst creating trust.

Dean Holland and Peter Kwah have partnered to distribute this valuable resource to the Asian market on a complimentary basis. It is hoped that this strategy will assist in building a large network of affiliate marketers in the Singapore market.

As this partnership develops it is hoped that as affiliate readers receive The Iceberg Effect they will begin to understand how affiliate marketing works today.

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