Singapore Business Mandarin Chinese For Expatriates – Small Group Lessons Launch

Yi Mandarin language school has just announced that it will now be offering a series of Mandarin Chinese courses tailored to expatriates in Singapore.

Yi Mandarin, a Chinese language school in Singapore, has just released a series of classes for expatriates based in the country.

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This latest announcement will help newcomers and established expatriates better integrate in Singaporean society through practical instruction in Chinese Mandarin.

Though English is widely spoken and used in official administrative settings in Singapore, many social interactions among natives still take place in Mandarin Chinese. Learning Mandarin is an important way to break out of the ‘expatriate bubble’ and build relationships with locals. Moreover, the language can also provide immigrants with career opportunities, as many businesses use Mandarin.

Yi Mandarin offers foreigners living in Singapore with 3 progressive programs for learning Mandarin Chinese. Classes are available for all levels of Mandarin speakers, from beginner to advanced students.

The school’s Beginners Conversational Mandarin program focuses on practical application of the language and communicating effectively in real-world settings. The class is divided into 6 sub-levels, enabling students to gradually progress through the course.

Expats can also opt for Yi Mandarin’s Advanced Business Mandarin course, which teaches students complex sentence structures used in professional settings, as well as reading and formal writing. This class is suitable for professionals looking to improve their understanding of Mandarin and graduates of the Beginners Conversational Mandarin class.

The language school also offers a Professional Mandarin Master Class, which is designed for those who need to learn industry-specific terms for their jobs. Yi Mandarin will tailor course based on the student’s employers and offers flexible instructing hours to match their working hours.

Students can choose to take their courses online, in a small study group or as a private lesson.

This new release is in line with Yi Mandarin’s commitment to expatriates integrate with with high-quality, practical Mandarin Chinese classes. The language school has developed a strong reputation for its quality instruction, as is indicated by its many positive reviews online.

One former student said: “I didn’t speak a word of Mandarin when I first came to Singapore. But as my understanding of Mandarin improved, social interaction just became that much easier. Once my understanding hit a certain level, my colleagues could ask me to join in for lunch without feeling obliged to speak English around me.”

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