Singapore Building Waterproofing Handyman Local Trades Services Launched

Singapore handyman company HRD Professional Handyman has launched building waterproofing services. The company leverages expertise in construction, renovation, and plumbing to deliver preventive and corrective building waterproofing services in Singapore with a one-year warranty.

Singapore handyman company HRD Professional Handyman announced the launch of building waterproofing services for homes and apartments. The building services company in Singapore is a preferred supplier of local trades services including carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work.

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The build-up of moisture within home or apartment ceilings can cause structural weakening and lead to toxic black mould infestations. The smallest roof leaks can result in seepage and left unchecked, permanently damage paint, plaster, and structural elements.

Singapore HDB licensed building services professionals at HRD Professional Handyman now offer waterproofing services for roofs, walls, balconies, foundations, and basements. The company estimates that poor workmanship and the omission of waterproofing membranes during construction cause 90 per cent of seepage problems.

HRD Professional Handyman uses a combination of preventive and corrective waterproofing methods to prevent the spread of leaks or damage. The company recommends that all leaks are inspected, traced to their source, and repaired. Water ingress points at mortar joints are sealed and treated with special waterproofing compounds to prevent future leaks.

The plumbing specialists offer building waterproofing services in Singapore for new and existing buildings. Waterproofing maintenance uses hydro foam PU injections to seal cracks and fill voids and joints. The hydrophobic polyurethane grout expands and fills all cracks with a dense water-resistant foam.

The team at HRD Professional Handyman also checks all door and window seals, drainage, plumbing, and irrigation systems for leaks.

According to a spokesperson for HRD Professional Handyman, “As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, the team at HRD will provide on-going customer service and technical support for all our waterproofing applications with a minimum one-year warranty.”

HRD Professional Handyman is a full-service building trades services company operating in Singapore for more than 19 years. The company has completed hundreds of remodelling, plumbing, electrical, and other building projects. The company is licensed by the Housing & Development Board (HDB) and is a registered contractor with Singapore’s Building & Construction Authority (BCA).

More information is available via WhatsApp on +65-8318-9200 and by visiting the URL above.

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